Debian SoftEther-OpenVPN+L2TP with Privoxy Installer


This script is for Linux Debian Instance Only


* Supported Only for versions 9.xx and 10.xx
Updated to Version 1.1
* Added Port 110 so anyone can connect to SoftEther Server using port 110

* Fresh Debian VM/VPS
* Little Knowledge about SoftEther
* Debian VM/VPS with 1vCPU, 512MB RAM and 5GB Free SSD Storage(Minimal)


* Automatically installs SoftEther Server with configured built-in OpenVPN service plus proxy service powered by Privoxy (additonal nalang si L2TP since hindi ito masyado nagagamit)

* SoftEther Server is multi protocol(can be TCP/6 or UDP) and running on multiple ports(pwede gawing 443 port ni ovpn, 992 or 5555)

* Pure SoftEther-Only Authentication sa OpenVPN(can’t be authenticate through openssh, dropbear or stunnel)


Color legends:
••• Commands
••• Comments or mga textes na papalitan

## Autoscripts ##

To Install: wget -q '' && chmod +x Debian* && ./DebianSoftEther-Installer.gz install
To Uninstall: wget -q '' && chmod +x Debian* && ./DebianSoftEther-Installer.gz uninstall

** After installation, kung hindi nyo nakita ung Final Message ng script, just run cat install.txt

## Instructions ##
# Before we do this
1. Login to your VPS Through SSH Client using your root account
Windows = PuTTY / Bitvise SSH Client
Android = JuiceSSH / ConnectBot SSH Client
if you’re sudo user, simply run sudo su -
2. Now lets Start..

How to Create Another User
1. run vpncmd
2. Choose 1
3. Press Enter Key Two times
4. Enter your SoftEther Admin Password Two times again(kung hindi mo alam, run cat install.txt
5. Run Hub YourVirtualHubName
6. Run UserCreateGustoMongUsername
7. Press Enter Three times
8. Now we’re Setting the Password For that user
9. Run UserPasswordSetYungUsernameMoKanina
10. Type your wanted/gusto mong password Two times.
11. Now we’re setting the User’s Expiry(Skip this Step No. 12~14 if you dont want to expire your created user)
12. Run UserExpiresSetYungUsernameMoKanina
13. Now this step is gonna be tough for you if you’re not familiar with the YYYY/MM/DD HH:MM:SS Format. (This is commonly used for Tamping specific date/s to a accquired object etc. etc. for Date and Time Accuracy)
For Date:
* YYYY serves as the year (e.g. 2019, 2020)
* MM serves as the month (e.g. 01 as January, 02 as February, 03 as March)
* DD serves as the numerical date of the month (e.g. 25 or 31)
For time: (we will be using 24 hour time format)
* HH serves as Hours
* MM serves as minutes
* SS serves as seconds
Example for time:
* 4:06AM and 20 seconds ==> 04:06:20
* 8:21PM and 3 seconds ==> 20:21:03
14. Now after i orient that Format, Type your exact date kung kailan mo gusto magexpire ung account na gagawin mo
Example: Gusto ko sya magexpire ng December 31,2019 ng 12:00AM and 30 seconds. this can be type as 2019/12/31 12:00:30 then Enter
I think you’ll got it how to set expiry for your desired account
15. Now you’re ready-to-go, Download your Openvpn config then gamitin mo yang ginawa mong account sa ‘yong .ovpn config file authentication

* So that is it guys, Dont forget to report some issues, bugs, and/or improvements to the script, Thanks..


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