Account Guidelines
Consider these guidelines in order to check your accounts.

The username entered may only have alpha-numeric characters, as well as dashes and underscores, a minimum of 5 characters and must be on our database.

The password must be atleast 5 characters and should be the password registered with the username.

Account Details
Check account status, details and expiry. Please fill all the required details to check your account.

What is the use of account checker tool?

The purpose of this page is to allow our users to check if their VPN account is still active and when it will expire. Before extending your account you must check first if your account is about to end or when it will expire.

How to check VPN Account?

To check your account you must first enter the required details to the form above. Make sure that your username and password match to the account you are about to check and also upon check please include the account prefix which is xamjyssvpn-