While using CoronaSSH, we the administrator, the creator, developers and other persons who are responsible to the creation of this VPN app and panel site. We make sure that the information that you shared and in-trusted will be secure privately. This information that you share with us, will be use to give you the best experience while using our VPN services, sent you notifications, updates, troubleshoot in case of problems and to support us through advertising.

Our CoronaSSH app and website will never store or share your true IP address while using our services, instead we replace and hide your true IP Address while using our app and delete your true IP Address after using our app.

We do not associate your email, true IP address, username, or unique mobile ID and any browsing information while using to our app.

We only use your information to provide you with amazing products and services that we are constantly working to improve.

While we always anonymize your true IP address while using the Services, remember that no VPN provider can control what other apps collect from your device or what cookies other websites or third parties place in your browser.