Frequently Ask Questions

These are some of the most common questions we've answered in order to guide you, our users in the right path while using our products and services that we've offered.

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Frequently Ask Questions

Yes ! CoronaSSH offers it's users a free website panel which could be use to connect in any VPN app.

The created accounts will expires depending on the validy of account that you've choose while create your VPN account.

Yes ! we do offer our users 30 days account validity but in CoronaSSH Panel, it is in XAMJYSSVPN Portal. Signup now and get 30 Days VPN Account Validity.

As of now we are currently working on our own VPN app but for now you can user our FREELITE VPN app.

Sorry but it's not possible once our servers has been setup it can never be change.

Yes! after creating an account you can always choose to download the OVPN Configs of the corresponding server that you've choose to create an account.